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Submitted on
April 19, 2013


50 (who?)
It's been many years since i've held a contest and while i can't offer too much in terms of prizes i think it would be fun to hold one.
Also this isn't a contest being held by a club, this is just a contest being held by me Raichana and some other clubs have been extremely kind in advertizing it.

1st - Year subscription to Deviant art and a Journal feature & 48 hour all access Guest pass to Crunchyroll & 110 points
by :icongoldenemotions:
2nd - Journal Feature & 48 hour all access Guest pass to Crunchyroll & 60 points
Spring Fairy - 2nd Place by grimart2 by :icongrimart2:
3rd - Journal Feature & 40 points
Chilly Fall by Yuushin7 by :iconyuushin7:

Thanks to everyone who participated, i hope you had a good time.
I will be contacting the winners and setting up the journal features.

I learned a lot from this contest, some good and some bad but in the end it was still a lot of fun. I will hold another contest in a few months with a much more specific theme... but also hopefully bigger prizes. and hopefully next time i can have a proper judging panel instead of relying on polls.

Journal feature:

Make 'em Special by GoldenEmotions Suicune Journalskin by GoldenEmotions We Don't Need Death To Reach Heaven by GoldenEmotions Com_Gimme Some by GoldenEmotionsby :icongoldenemotions:

Fireflies by grimart2 Ayla by grimart2 Pastel by grimart2 Loli Demon2 by grimart2by :icongrimart2:

Mirage Noir by Yuushin7 Exiting the timeline by Yuushin7 Under the night sky... by Yuushin7 Hallway by Yuushin7by :iconyuushin7:

This contest is OVER! The 5 finalists with be put up in two polls - spring vs summer and Autumn vs winter (based on the results of my current poll results). the polls wont be up for long, once i get the gist of what the community is feeling I will get my other judges to help me pick a winner. once i have announced the finalists i will no longer be taking submissions.

Finalist will be determined by how creatively they completed the challenge of drawing an outfit based on the season.

74 entries! i never would have expected that many.

and a quick note this is just a contest that i'm holding, no attachment to any clubs so all opinions are completely my own.
The rules in this journal are the ones to follow to avoid confusion.

So whats the challenge?

Draw a character wearing an outfit inspired by one of the four seasons.

in the description of your piece you must mention which season you are using.
It can be any character, Oc or fan art, male or female it doesn't matter just whatever you feel like drawing as long as it meets the challenge.

Submitting is simple, just send me, Raichana, a note with the link and mention the season it is for.

Voting will be done Via poll and my personal opinion of the image i find to be the most creative. It will all depend on how many submissions there are.


Only one submission per season. (max of 4 entries)
No mature content so that everyone can see every submission at a glance.
Only submissions made between April 19th 2013-May 19th 2013 will be accepted.
You can have as many characters in a single picture as you want but i ask you only keep it to one season per picture.
You can draw any medium and any style as long as it meets the challenge.
No tracing, no bases no art theft of any kind. The idea and execution must be 100% your own.
if you see art theft that i have missed just send me a note and i'll look into it.
otherwise have fun.

1st - Year subscription to Deviant art and a Journal feature & 48 hour all access Guest pass to Crunchyroll & Portion of donated points
2nd - Journal Feature & 48 hour all access Guest pass to Crunchyroll & Portion of donated points
3rd - Journal Feature & Portion of donated points

again sorry that i can't offer much but i'm currently unemployed.

so yeah just a little contest, if you have a submission just sent me a note with the link to the image and the category you want it in and we'll take it from there.


:thumb367785326: :thumb368634473: Spring beauty by Princess-CoCo-154 Spring by DG-Amako Spring-Aida 1.5.13 by F-Ninny Spring Ballerina by KellyEv5 King of Spring by lunalove2 Sakura Contest by KishinGirl01 Goddess of Forest : Spring time by AkinoMizuka A flower waiting to bloom by mangaartistfreak Contest Entry: Spring by Ace1queen Spring Fairy - 2nd Place by grimart2 Spring by Merilisle Lady of Springs [Design] by I-Yue Spring by AnEclipseAtdusk Contest Entry: Raichana by misuuri Spring Angel by Rensou-kun Spring Girl by Skyfire1311 Scattered petals by 20Tourniquet02 :contest: Rapunzel in the Rain by kimartess

Natsuko Contest Summer by KishinGirl01 Summer by DG-Amako Oriddd11 by dainer11 Summer submission by mangagirlxxx07 King of Summer by lunalove2 Summer Time by AkinoMizuka Summer by mangaartistfreak Building a Sand Castle by Ashfur15 Summer: Lallaine by Merilisle Summer contest girl by momiji-chan86 Original Character: Lady Under the Summer Sun by RafaelJeric

Chilly Fall by Yuushin7 :thumb368635333: Autumn by DG-Amako Autumn festival by AnEclipseAtdusk Queen of Autumn by lunalove2 Scarecrow by G-Chan0nly I Can Fashion by baldymcbalderson Aki-Fall by SolSpirit15 :thumb370542895: :thumb370804596: :thumb371078074: Autumn: Dayna by Merilisle The Falling... by NNAMDInation Autumn Girl by k4glimit ~Fleur d'Automne by jeanin95 Amarante by LaParisienne12 Blown By The Wind by mangaartistfreak Autumn Trio by rachelsong October Trees by TheAliceComplex Fan Art: Nanako Sakura by AnimangaGirlChii Fall girl by Kitkit450 Autumn Boy by Skyfire1311

:thumb368408631: Why cant he Hibernate? by Ashfur15 Winter by DG-Amako :thumb368973326: Winter by AnEclipseAtdusk Queen of Winter by lunalove2 Winter Caramel by ThePhozz Winter by ClauOkina Fuyu-Winter by SolSpirit15 Cignus Niveo by Libra-marig :thumb372306971: Original Character: Snow Maiden by RafaelJeric Winter by 3765Diamond Season contest entry by Glooriah Yuuki by LaParisienne12 Original: Celestial of Winter by Boundbyribbon CE: Winter Breeze by Serinji Fai by Skyfire1311


Judging will be based on creativity, use of inspiration and overall impact of the piece.
I will pick the top five (ten if we get that many per season) pieces per season and set up a poll to allow you to pick your favorite.
After that there will be a final poll pitting the top two of each season against each other with 2 wild cards of my choosing.
Winners will be announced a week after the final poll is put up.
this may change depending on how many submissions but assuming we get 5 submissions per season this is how we will do it.

Have fun!



if you have advertised this contest and i have missed thanking you just send me a quick shout out and i'll add you name to the list.
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RafaelJeric Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Congratulations to all the winners :)
lunalove2 Featured By Owner May 31, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
About when are the results to be posted??
Raichana Featured By Owner May 31, 2013  Professional General Artist
there they should be up here now ^^
Raichana Featured By Owner May 31, 2013  Professional General Artist
alrigth posted, sorry i did another journal and forgot to post it here, just give me a second
lunalove2 Featured By Owner May 31, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks so much ^^
20Tourniquet02 Featured By Owner May 19, 2013
May I ask what time is it over there right now?
Raichana Featured By Owner May 19, 2013  Professional General Artist
sorry for late reply, right now it's 3:50 pm for me.
20Tourniquet02 Featured By Owner May 19, 2013
It's ok!:)
Skyfire1311 Featured By Owner May 18, 2013
AWMAGAWD A problem just came up T^T I just went through NYSSMA and stuff and testing and I didn't realize that all four pics won't be done by tomorrow your you think i can have a bit more time on May 20 too? I mean if not then just inform me ^^; Really sorry!!!
Raichana Featured By Owner May 18, 2013  Professional General Artist
i was planning to officially stop accepting entry around the time i got up so i could check all the notes and start picking finalists.
As much as i would love to give an extension, cause I apparently held this during Exam time for most people, i think it would be a little unfair to those who did complete it in the timeline.

so i'll compromise.... On may 20th i will be picking finalist for each category, if you get the image in before i post the polls then i will consider them in judging. this should net you an extra chunk of time so i hope that allows you to get an entry in.

I hope that helps.
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